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Online Master Make-up Artist Course

Learn everything needed to become a Master Make-up Artist. This course will equip you to become a working Professional Make-up Artist.

Priscilla Ono's 13 years + of Beauty Makeup Experience, working at the highest levels of the industry condensed in this 1 Online Master Makeup Course.

This unique course is brimming with Makeup Techniques and Methods required to become a Professional Master Makeup Artist.

Master these 3 Strategic Looks as they are the foundation from which any look can be achieved.




August 23rd 2020 at 12:00 pm Noon (PST Pacific Standard Time)

With this unprecedented Online Master Makeup Artist Course, you will get access to Priscilla Ono live. Every month Priscilla will host a 1 hour Mentoring group meeting with enrolled students. Ask any questions regarding makeup and career, interact with Priscilla, pick her brain. 

What you'll get with this Course:

  • 1-Hour/Month Mentoring Group Meeting with Priscilla Ono
  • Defining a Master Make-up Artist and how to become one
  • Lecture on Sanitation
  • Lecture on Eye Shapes
  • Lecture on Eye Lashes
  • Lecture on The Perfect Brow
  • Lecture on Foundation
  • Lecture on Face Shapes and Contouring
  • A Full Demo  /Radiant Look 
  • Prepping the Skin
  • The Brow 
  • The Eyes 
  • Complexion
  • Lips
  • A Full Demo / Editorial Look 
  • Prepping the Skin
  • The Brow 
  • The Eyes
  • Complexion
  • Lips
  • A Full Demo / Glam Look 
  • Prepping the Skin
  • The Brow
  • The Eyes
  • Complexion
  • Lips
  • Make-up Artistry / The Business
  • How to Start an Artistry Career 
  • How to become a Celebrity Make-up Artist
  • A Certificate of Completion

Who is this Course designed for?

The Online Master Make-up Artist Course is a serious Course designed for the serious student wishing to become a Professional Master Make-up Artist. Makeup Enthusiasts are welcome as well, however our focus is to help and equip those wishing to learn techniques and methods used at the highest levels of production.

How to take this Online Course.

This course will direct you step-by-step on how to Master beauty Makeup and become a Master Makeup Artist. To achieve this goal, it is imperative the student heeds to the following instructions:

1) Take Notes!

The Lectures and Demos are not meant to just be skimmed through hastily. In the contrary it is critical, the student diligently goes through the material with a notepad and pauses the videos to take notes. The process of note taking is the first step in learning and assimilating the material.

We can not stress this enough, taking notes and pausing the video after each point is expressed is the best way to digest the material. These videos are full to the brim with makeup techniques and methods, it is impossible to retain it all without taking notes.

Taking notes forces the student to actively interact with the material and it is the first step to retain the knowledge dispensed in the Lectures and Demos.

Once the notes are taken the student should go over them, time and time again, until those techniques and methods are memorized. Students are welcomed and encouraged to ask questions via our comment sections below each video. We want to help Students overcome their learning hurdles.

2) Practice!

The real hands on training start when the student starts to practice. Once the material is learned and comfortably memorized, practice, practice, practice. Practice on relatives, friends. Practice everyday. Your practice is your training. Like an athlete, the student too should practice daily. The more the student practice, the closer the student will be to be a master. Priscilla in her first days, used to do 6-8 make overs a day! Every day for 1 and 1/2 years.


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